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Eddie® by Giddy Device for ED: Is It Effective?

Kelly Brown MD, MBA

Reviewed by Kelly Brown, MD

Written by Geoffrey C. Whittaker

Published 07/28/2021

Updated 04/27/2024

Wearable ED devices are growing in popularity. If you’ve searched for alternatives to ED medication like Viagra®, you may have come across one called Eddie® by Giddy. (Eddie is the wearable device, and Giddy is the manufacturer.)

The Eddie is marketed as a safe alternative to medications like PDE5 inhibitors and more inconvenient, uncomfortable options like cock rings.

While research is still ongoing, we know this FDA-approved device treats the most important ED symptom (losing erections), and wearing the Eddie can help you maintain erections longer. But there are still questions about its user-friendliness and whether it’s safe for the long term.

Below, we’ll go over the current research behind Eddie and similar wearable devices for treating ED. We’ll also discuss other treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED).

The Giddy ED device, or simply Eddie, is a small medical device that slips onto your penis and makes it easier to maintain an erection during sex. It’s designed to fit over the base of the penis and improve sexual performance in men with ED.

As an ED device, Eddie has several unique features that make it stand out from similar products available to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.

Unlike a traditional ring device, which has a circular design, Eddie’s oval shape fits the penis more naturally and improves sexual function without restricting blood flow. A tension band holds the device in place above the testicles.

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Eddie works similarly to a cock ring, albeit with a patented design that applies pressure to veins inside the penis without affecting the arteries responsible for natural blood flow.

Your penis becomes erect when blood flows into the corpora cavernosa — sponge-like areas of tissue inside your penis. As blood flows in, the pressure inside the tissue increases to give the penis its firmness, shape and size.

To maintain the erection, a fibrous membrane called the tunica albuginea that wraps around the corpora cavernosa traps and prevents blood from flowing out of your penis.

Eddie vs. Traditional Cock Rings

A typical cock ring works by pinching the base of the penis and stopping blood from flowing out during sex. This helps prolong erections, but it also applies unwanted pressure to the urethra (the tube you ejaculate through) and the arteries inside your penis.

Eddie is designed to apply pressure to the dorsal vein that runs along the top side of the penis, all without putting any pressure on the urethra on the bottom side, or the critical arteries inside the penis.

Using Eddie is simple. Here’s what you do:

  • Apply the device to the base of your penis with the opening facing down.

  • Adjust the tension bands to create a firm hold without pinching your penis.

  • Enjoy your sex life.

  • Remove Eddie after ejaculation.

  • Clean the device before putting it away.

Eddie is largely aimed at men with erectile dysfunction who are either dissatisfied with existing treatments or uninterested in using medication.

The best ED devices help you enjoy sexual wellness without substantial risk to your health.

According to Giddy, the design improves sexual performance at a lower cost. The company also claims the device is more comfortable and safer than conventional treatment options, such as ED pills, penis pumps, cock rings and erectile dysfunction surgery.

Unlike ED medication, which requires a prescription, Eddie can be purchased online without first meeting with a healthcare provider.

Because of its design, Eddie supposedly fits the shape of the penis more naturally than a cock ring. Since it isn’t a pharmaceutical treatment, it’s also less likely to cause the side effects associated with ED medications.

Eddie is sold as part of a subscription plan, with new sets of Eddies and tension bands shipped to subscribers every four months. The “Stay-Giddy” plan is priced at $188 for four months, or around $1.57 a day.

Each pack includes one Eddie, six tension bands, a personalized series of ED video guides and other content from Giddy.

Eddie comes in four sizes. Giddy provides a free resizing service, meaning that if Eddie doesn’t fit, you can get a different size at no additional charge.

The company also offers online resources to help guys find their size before ordering. The sizing method is quite precise — you can measure around your penis or choose your typical condom size to figure out which version of Eddie is most likely to fit comfortably.

Like other erectile dysfunction treatments and medications, Eddie has advantages and disadvantages.

Potential advantages of the Giddy ED device:

  • It’s easy to use. Eddie is designed to easily slide onto the base of your penis and stay in place during sex. 

  • It’s adjustable. The device comes with two types of tension bands, letting you adjust tension to match your needs and improve erectile function.

  • It may be more comfortable than other cock rings. Due to its design, which takes into account the shape and size of your penis, Eddie may be more comfortable to wear than a conventional cock ring.

  • Eddie is approved by the FDA. Eddie has been registered as a class II medical device by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Drawbacks of the Giddy ED device:

  • It’s not “out of the way” like ED medication. Although Eddie looks better than most cock rings, it’s still a device you have to wear during sex. In comparison, most ED medications can be taken orally before sex without any need for physical devices.

  • Research on its effectiveness is limited. There isn’t any high-quality scientific research on Eddie right now. Research on similar devices for treating ED is also limited, with mixed findings overall.

  • Eddie can be expensive in the long term. At $188 every four months, Eddie is significantly more expensive than most other cock rings and similar ED devices.

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Eddie appears to be safe when used as directed. According to Giddy, it should cause either no issues whatsoever or only minor, infrequent side effects when used correctly.

Though there are no scientific studies on the safety of Eddie specifically, some research has found risks associated with similar devices, such as over-the-counter cock rings.

For example, there have been case reports of penile injuries from cock rings, particularly those that are fitted poorly or left on the penis too long.

Before using Eddie or any other device to treat ED, it’s best to talk to a healthcare provider about the potential risks and safety issues.

Currently, there isn’t much research on the effects of blood flow constriction devices as ED treatments.

This doesn’t mean Eddie and similar devices aren’t helpful when used on their own — just that we don’t have any scientific evidence on their efficacy yet.

Interestingly, the promotional website for Eddie by Giddy has a clinical trials section. However, the content doesn’t actually feature any published clinical studies — there’s just a list of statistics from a study of Eddie users conducted by Giddy itself.

In the study, Giddy asked a group of men about their experiences with Eddie as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. About 95 percent of those who completed the study reported a positive experience with the device.

The trial doesn’t appear to have been published in a peer-reviewed journal, which is very abnormal for high-quality scientific research.

There are also some potential methodological issues that could affect the validity of the results. For instance, the lack of any control group or the fact that some of the men may have dropped out of the study before it finished.

As for feedback from customers, reviews of Eddie are mixed. The device has a 2.8 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot, with most negative reviews highlighting billing problems and issues getting the device to fit during sex.

Reviews of Eddie on Amazon are similar, with most customers highlighting the same problems.

Overall, it seems like Eddie works for some men but not others, with issues like the fit of the device often affecting results. While there’s no published scientific evidence that Eddie works, some guys seem to find it helpful as an alternative to other ED treatments.

And if worse comes to worst, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee — just make sure to read the fine print.

Eddie is an interesting erectile dysfunction device. However, it’s far from the only option for treating ED — nor is it the one with the strongest scientific evidence behind it.

If you’re among the millions of men in the United States with ED, you have several other options. This includes everything from evidence-based medication to making changes to certain aspects of your daily life.

ED Medications

Currently, the most effective treatments for ED are prescription medications, such as sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra), tadalafil (generic for Cialis®), vardenafil (generic Levitra®) and avanafil (sold as Stendra®).

These medications work by increasing blood flow to the erectile tissue in your penis, making it easier to get and keep an erection when sexually aroused.

You can learn more about these medications, how they work and their potential side effects in our guide to the best pills for treating erectile dysfunction.


When ED is caused by a psychological issue, such as sexual performance anxiety, therapy can be an effective way to improve your erections and sexual health.

Multiple types of therapy are used to treat ED, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and sex therapy. These can be used on their own or in combination with other options like ED medication.

When options like oral medication and psychotherapy aren’t effective, some men explore other approaches to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.

These include:

A urologist or another healthcare provider specializing in ED can make treatment suggestions based on your unique needs.

The Eddie ED device is a unique product that could offer certain advantages over more conventional penis rings and other devices for enhancing sexual performance.

Here’s what to remember about the Eddie by Giddy:

  • If you’re one of the millions of men affected by ED, Eddie might be a useful alternative to pills and other treatment options.

  • However, there’s currently no scientific research showing that Eddie or similar devices are as effective as prescription drugs.

  • Keep in mind that it’s not the only option available — nor is it necessarily the easiest to use or most reliable.

  • Every guy is different, and so are his needs. A device that works for someone else may not work for you.

Interested in treating ED? Check out the range of ED medications available online through our men’s health platform.

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Kelly Brown MD, MBA
Kelly Brown, MD

Dr. Kelly Brown is a board certified Urologist and fellowship trained in Andrology. She is an accomplished men’s health expert with a robust background in healthcare innovation, clinical medicine, and academic research. Dr. Brown is a founding member of Posterity Health where she is Medical Director and leads strategy and design of their Digital Health Platform, an innovative education and telehealth model for delivering expert male fertility care.

She completed her undergraduate studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Heels!) with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science and a Minor in Chemistry. She took a position at University of California Los Angeles as a radiologic technologist in the department of Interventional Cardiology, further solidifying her passion for medicine. She also pursued the unique opportunity to lead departmental design and operational development at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, sparking her passion for the business of healthcare.

Dr. Brown then went on to obtain her doctorate in medicine from the prestigious Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine and Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management, with a concentration in Healthcare Management. During her surgical residency in Urology at University of California San Francisco, she utilized her research year to focus on innovations in telemedicine and then served as chief resident with significant contributions to clinical quality improvement. Dr. Brown then completed her Andrology Fellowship at Medical College of Wisconsin, furthering her expertise in male fertility, microsurgery, and sexual function.

Her dedication to caring for patients with compassion, understanding, as well as a unique ability to make guys instantly comfortable discussing anything from sex to sperm makes her a renowned clinician. In addition, her passion for innovation in healthcare combined with her business acumen makes her a formidable leader in the field of men’s health.

Dr. Brown is an avid adventurer; summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (twice!) and hiking the incredible Torres del Paine Trek in Patagonia, Chile. She deeply appreciates new challenges and diverse cultures on her travels. She lives in Denver with her husband, two children, and beloved Bernese Mountain Dog. You can find Dr. Brown on LinkedIn for more information.

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