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Last updated 5/3/2022

From day one, Hims has made it easy for people to feel comfortable asking the hard questions about their health and wellness. Whether we’re talking about hair and skin, sexual wellness, mental health and everything in between, we’ve been here for you — and we’re really proud of that.

But just being here isn’t enough. When you have real questions, you want real answers. That’s why we started publishing. 

We aim to build the most detailed, expansive and reliable digital library for men’s medical information on the Internet Superhighway. We work with writers from all across the health and wellness space, a world-class editorial team and a knowledgeable and experienced review team of board-licensed physicians and healthcare professionals to answer questions our readers want to know, in a trustworthy and comprehensive way.

Basically, we’ve dedicated a tremendous amount of time, effort and resources to bring you real answers that you can trust.

Pretty impressive, right? 

Our Content Objective

Plainly? We want to be the people you trust with all your health and wellness questions. It’s a long journey, and we’re proud to help walk you through it.

Editorial Integrity & Content Creation Process

We’re as invested in our content as our readers are. We — and by “we,” we mean everyone here, from our team of seasoned medical reviewers, to our editorial staff and the stable of talented and topic-oriented writers we work with — are dedicated to making content that’s both accurate and timely, but also accessible to everyone.

Writers & Editorial Team

Our writers come from all across the health and wellness space and go through a thorough training and onboarding process that includes test assignments, regular workshopping and coaching sessions and intimately familiarizing them with our sourcing and style guidelines. The writers we work with are highly skilled and experienced topic experts who put in countless hours to get every article right. 

On the editorial side, our experts have mixed backgrounds of professional writing within and outside the health information space. This experience allows to comb through all the hardcore medical literature and distill it in an accessible and relatable way.

Medical Expert Reviewers and Fact Checking

The fact check review process starts before a writer puts a single word down on the page. Our editorial sourcing guidelines were written in-house and went through a rigorous review process by both our medical and legal advisory boards to ensure that the content we publish is the best it can be. Our writers use these guidelines to inform every piece of content they write. 

From there, every article goes through the medical review process. Each member of our review team is a board-licensed physician or nurse practitioner with at least 10 years of experience in their field of expertise. They’re a dedicated team that sees our vision and are as committed as we are to making it happen.

They comb through every line of every story, checking every piece of information, every study, every footnote and every reference to ensure our writers got it right.

Only after all questions are answered are articles sent to our publishing team for a final check before being scheduled for publication. 

Compliance Standards

Our philosophy on good writing and impeccable publishing revolves around collaboration. We intentionally put several sets of eyes on every article we publish because we believe transparency fosters accountability, and accountability fosters accuracy.

Our guidelines aren’t etched in stone. As the health and wellness space changes and develops, so do we. Our teams have their ears to the industry’s ground, monitoring for the latest updates so that our content keeps providing value to our readers.

Sources, Citations and References

Transparency is what we do, and sourcing is an integral part of our publishing process. It’s why you’ll see links to every source we use, as well as a detailed reference list at the bottom of every article we publish. That way, you can see and independently corroborate everything you read.

And if you take the time to look at one of those reference lists, you’ll also notice a few things:

  • Only high-quality sources from reputable places like the NIH, the CDC, the FDA, accredited universities and leading research organizations.

  • Only the most recent research available (usually from the year 2010 and onward).

You’ll also notice that we’re cautious about making sure we call things out on the occasion they need calling out. 

Smaller studies, studies conducted on mice or other animals, studies that were done in vitro, studies that include a small sample size or any other noticeable limitations — anything our readers should know, we make them aware of.

We cover the big easy stuff and all the small hard stuff too, because we know that whether topics are lock-and-key or still on the road to discovery, you still have real questions that deserve real answers. 

Giving you the nitty gritty is our promise. 

Content Curation

Staying Current (Updates and Removal)

There’s a responsibility that comes with publishing — especially in the health and wellness space. 

Information is always changing and being updated, research in some topics is always developing — the landscape changes over time. 

At the top of every article on hims & hers, right below the title, you’ll see a section where we plainly list who on the medical team reviewed the article (as well as a link to their individual bio), as well as a “Last updated” date.

After an article goes live, we periodically update content and send it back through review to make sure the information found therein is still accurate and up to date.

We also sometimes remove content from the website we feel no longer serves our readers or our brand’s mission. However, on the occasion this happens, any subsequent mentions of or links to that article on our domains are either removed or redirected to more relevant content.

Content Corrections

Mistakes happen. And on the rare occasion they do — whether that mistake was misinterpreting study data, not updating developing research fast enough or even misspelling a word — we have standards in place to ensure we’re accountable for those mistakes. 

Those standards include rewriting what’s necessary, sending the content back through a complete medical review and opening up dialogue all over again.


We sell things. In fact, many of the topics we cover are at least peripherally related to the products that we sell on our websites.

Regardless of what we sell, you can still trust hims & hers to be a reliable source of information for your questions about health and wellness. 

Our editorial team is a completely separate entity from our products and sales teams, and that’ll never change.

In fact, we have a section in our editorial guidelines that specifically reminds people that the purpose of these articles is to give readers accurate information — not sell them products. 

You’ll see product mentions only when they’re relevant and we think they’re useful to readers. You may see links to related products or content, but only in careful and conscientious ways. We think it’s a fair trade-off.

Contact Us

All that said, we’d genuinely love to hear from you. Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like, tell us what you think we could improve on — we’re all ears at [email protected].

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment. Learn more about our editorial standards here.

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Start a free online visit and we’ll match you with a provider who can recommend a personalized treatment plan for a variety of conditions based on your unique needs.

Delivering better healthcare online

Start a free online visit and we’ll match you with a provider who can recommend a personalized treatment plan for a variety of conditions based on your unique needs.