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Minoxidil Foam

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Look and feel your best with thicker, fuller hair—thanks to this FDA-approved minoxidil foam. It’s clinically proven to regrow hair in 3-6 months, no pills required.

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Meet Minoxidil Foam

Tackle male pattern baldness head-on with this easy-to-use minoxidil foam

Skip the drip and mess from traditional Minoxidil Solution

Rest easy knowing your hair loss treatment is FDA approved and clinically proven

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It might feel like magic, but great regrowth results take time.

  • While results may vary, most men see results they love after 3-6 months when applied twice daily.
  • Subscribing means you’ll never run out or have to worry about reordering your monthly supply last minute.
  • If you stop using Minoxidil 5% Foam, you will probably lose the hair you regrew within a few months.
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How to use

Application is simple. Using the cap of your foam minoxidil, measure half a capful. Use your fingers to scoop out and gently massage directly into the scalp. Apply to any hair loss area—don’t be shy!

Apply twice daily. Using more minoxidil or applying more often will not improve results (but it may irritate your scalp!).


Active ingredients: Minoxidil 5% (without propellant)

Inactive ingredients: butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, glycerin, isobutane, lactic acid, polysorbate 60, propane, purified water, SD alcohol 40-B, stearyl alcohol

A quick note: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as the active ingredient in Minoxidil 5% Foam is not recommended for you.

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Minoxidil Foam



Hair regrowth foam

How it works

Minoxidil Foam works in 3 clinically-proven ways to revive hair follicles and keep hair looking and feeling thicker over time. While thickening shampoos coat the hair for temporary results, minoxidil goes deep—absorbing into the scalp for real results.

Brings oxygen and nutrients to the scalp by increasing blood flow to hair follicles

Activates hair out of its resting phase and into growth

Extending hair’s growth phase for longer, for sustained growth activity

Get your foam on

Step 1: Get set

Start with dry hair. If you’ve got longer locks, consider parting into sections so you can get to your scalp easily.

Step 2: Foam it up

Using the cap of your minoxidil bottle, fill half a capful with foam.

Step 3: Mini-massage time

Scoop the foam and apply directly to the scalp in areas of hair loss or along the sections you parted. Allow to dry before styling.

Step 4: Rinse your hands

Afterward, wash your hands with soap and water to avoid irritation or ingestion. Repeat twice daily for best results.

Minoxidil Foam vs. Minoxidil Solution

Both the foam and solution forms of minoxidil are proven to regrow hair. Here’s why you might prefer one over the other.

Minoxidil Foam

May be easier to apply on straight and wavy hair with easy scalp access

Non-drip formula means less mess

Minoxidil Solution

May be easier to get to the scalp of thick or very curly hair

Simple-to-use dropper for faster application

Make the most of your minoxidil

Let directions be your friend

Use only the recommended dosage—half a capful, twice daily. Using more, or applying more frequently won’t improve your results and might irritate your scalp.

Keep a good thing going

Loving your results? Being consistent with your usage is key to maintaining the regrowth you worked hard for. If you stop using the product, you will likely lose your regrowth.

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Frequently asked questions about
Minoxidil Foam

What is minoxidil foam?

Minoxidil foam is an FDA-approved topical hair loss treatment. The topical foam is often used to regrow hair on the top of the scalp, especially thinning hair and bald spots caused by male pattern baldness. Minoxidil foam is available in two strengths: 2% and 5% (extra-strength) and you can find it over-the-counter online or at most pharmacies.

How does minoxidil foam work?

Minoxidil foam works by shortening the resting phase of hair growth, which prematurely initiates the growth phase of hair growth in the hair follicles and lengthens this growth phase. This may cause initial hair loss after starting minoxidil foam therapy, but ultimately results in longer and thicker new hair.
While minoxidil has been found very effective in stimulating hair growth in men with male pattern baldness, it is not an effective treatment for a receding hairline or balding from the front of the scalp. To treat these conditions, a hair transplant or finasteride may be a better option.

What should I know about using minoxidil foam?

Minoxidil 5% Foam is for external use by men, only. Minoxidil 5% Foam is extremely flammable: avoid fire, flame, or smoking during and immediately following application. Do not use Minoxidil 5% Foam if:

You are a woman—it may interfere with important hormonal balances

You are trying to treat a receding hairline

How do I apply minoxidil foam?

Apply a ½ capful of minoxidil foam to the hair loss area twice a day for the best results. This medication is for external use only, and should only be used as directed. Before applying minoxidil foam, ensure that your scalp and hair are dry (you do not need to shampoo your hair before application). If you accidentally miss a treatment, apply it as soon as possible unless it is close to the time for the next treatment. You should not double up on treatments if you miss one, and just take the next scheduled treatment.

How long does it take minoxidil foam to dry?

Minoxidil foam dries to the touch faster than minoxidil solution, usually after about 15 minutes to an hour. However, it takes minoxidil foam about 4 hours to completely dry after application, so you should wait a few hours before going to bed or washing your hair. However, you do not have to wait before blow drying or styling your hair after application. Be sure to wash your hands well after touching your minoxidil-treated hair.

What's the difference between Rogaine and minoxidil foam?

Rogaine is the brand name of minoxidil, which is the active ingredient that fights hair loss. As required by FDA for generic equivalents, there is no difference in effectiveness or safety between Rogaine and minoxidil. Simply put, Men’s Rogaine and minoxidil are the same hair loss treatment, but they are made by different manufacturers and generic minoxidil tends to have a better price tag than the brand-name treatment. Rogaine is available as both Rogaine Foam and Rogaine Solution, which both have the same hair growth effects. For generic options, there is both minoxidil topical aerosol (foam) and minoxidil topical solution.

Is minoxidil foam safe?

According to the data used for the FDA approval, minoxidil foam was found to be a safe and effective hair regrowth treatment. Specifically, the data reviewed during the course of FDA approval showed the safety profile of minoxidil foam to be consistent with topical 2% and 5% topical solution.
As with most drugs, you may experience side effects while using minoxidil. Most commonly, side effects are related to irritation, such as burning, stinging, or redness where you applied the treatment. If these side effects are bothersome, try reducing the frequency of application.
Twice daily application of topical minoxidil shows no systemic side effects. However, you should stop use and seek immediate healthcare if you experience dizziness, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, swelling of the hands and feet and unexplained weight gain.

How long should I keep minoxidil foam on my hair?

You do not need to intentionally wash minoxidil out of your hair at any point. However, you should let minoxidil dry onto your scalp for at least 4 hours before using shampoo or conditioner on your hair or before going to bed.

Are minoxidil results permanent?

No, minoxidil results are not permanent. If you discontinue treatment, your hair is likely to return to its previous state within one to three months. For best results, continuously use minoxidil as recommended.

What are the ingredients in minoxidil foam?

The active ingredient in minoxidil foam is Minoxidil 5%. The inactive ingredients in minoxidil foam are butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, glycerin, isobutane, lactic acid, polysorbate 60, propane, purified water, sd alcohol 40-b, stearyl alcohol and a propellant.



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